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Hi Everyone,

We hope you are all keeping well? This week we have put together some P.E. activities and challenges for you to try out at home. We have tried to pick activities that you can do on your own, with your family or even with your friends, now that the restrictions have eased at little. If you are meeting up with friends to try the activities, please remember to remain 2 meters apart and if any equipment is needed, you should bring your own for example a football or potato and spoon.

We have given two/three activities for each day. You can do them all or choose what you would like to do. The activity we would REALLY encourage you to do is the water safety activities listed for Tuesday, as you did not get the chance to receive this in school this year.

We hope you enjoy the activities over the week and we would love if you could send on some photos of you taking part over the week. Have fun, stay safe and keep washing your hands!!!!

Monday 15th June

  • Fitness alphabet – Look at the alphabet below. Each letter has an action attached to it. Using the letters of your first name, complete the exercise beside each letter. You could then try it using your surname, your pet’s name, your favourite colour…lots of fun to have here!

Fitness Alphabet

A – 20 JUMPING JACK                       O – 20 HIGH KNEES

B – 10 SIT UPS                                     P – 15 ARM CIRCLES

C – 15 SQUATS                                    Q – 10 SIT UPS

D – 10 PUSH UPS                                  R – 20 JUMPING JACKS

E – 15 MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS            S – 10 BURPEES

F – 10 BURPEES                                    T – 20 SQUATS

G – 10 ARM CIRCLES                       U – RUN ON THE SPOT FOR  20

H – 20 SQUATS                                    V – 20 SECOND PLANK


J – 20 HIGH KNEES                           X- 15 MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS






  • Keepy Uppies – Keepy uppies mean to continuously keep a ball in the air using only your feet and/or knees. Using a football, tennis ball or even a toilet roll, how many keepy uppies can you do?
  • Get out on your bicycle or scooter for at least half an hour. Remember to wear a helmet and be safe.



Tuesday 16th June

Today we would like you to complete some lessons with Irish Water Safety and the PAWS program. Normally at this time of year we would have the team from Irish Water Safety in the school to teach all about water safety and safety in the outdoors. Unfortunately, that cannot happen this year, so they have put their lessons online. We feel that it is very important that you complete this, especially coming into the holidays when you will hopefully out and about more.

Follow these instructions for the website;

  • Go to the website ie
  • When this page opens click on the PAWS picture on the screen
  • This will bring you to the PAWS resources
  • Scroll down the page until you see the icons for third and fourth classes and fifth and sixth classes.
  • Click the icon for your class
  • This will open a page that shows 7 lifebuoys and the characters
  • On this page click on the box ‘Show lesson book’ This will open a slide presentation that goes through the safety program. Watch and read each slide carefully.
  • When you have completed the slides go back to the page with the lifebuoys.
  • Now click on each lifebuoy to complete the quizzes and questions and test your knowledge on what you have just read.


Later in the day head out for a walk, if you can. If you happen to be walking near water, look out for the lifebuoys or any other safety features that are in place.






Wednesday 17th June


  • Dice workout – Get a dice. On each roll of the dice, complete the activity attached to the number. If you do not have a dice just write the numbers 1 – 6 on pieces of paper, fold them up, put them in a bowl and choose the numbers at random. You can play this yourself, with your siblings or friends.
  1. Run on the spot for 20 seconds
  2. 20 jumping jacks
  3. 20 high knees
  4. 20 second plank
  5. 20 arm circles
  6. 20 squats


  • Throwing and Catching – Get yourself a tennis ball/small ball or gaelic ball. Time yourself for 30 seconds, how many times can you throw the ball in the air and catch it? Can you clap between catches? Can you beat your first attempt or beat someone in your family?

Now find a space at a wall, how many times in 30 seconds can you throw the ball against the wall and catch it?


  • Log into com – choose 4 dances or exercises to complete. Get all the family involved!!!


Thursday 18th June


  • Look up P.E. with Joe Wicks or The Body Coach on YouTube and try out one of his workouts, there are lots from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.


  • Kick to sore – Using a wall space outside use chalk or pieces of paper stuck on to mark targets of 10, 20 & 30. Take 10 steps back, aim, kick and see what target you can hit? Take 5 goes and add up your score. Can you better your score on a second attempt?


  • Egg/potato & spoon race – Using an egg or potato have a race around your garden, with your siblings or friends. If you don’t want to race, then see how many times you can circle your garden without dropping the egg or potato.


Friday 19th June

  • Obstacle course – Set up your own obstacle course in the back garden, using items from around the house, garage or garden. You can set the equipment up in a circle or in a straight line. We have included a little sample below, but you can use and include anything you would like to. Try to include plenty of P.E. skills like jumping, throwing, catching, bouncing, balancing. DON’T FORGET TO TAKE A PHOTO, WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE WHAT YOU COME UP WITH!!!!





  • Choose an activity from earlier in the week that you enjoyed and repeat it.


  • Get out for a walk or cycle (don’t forget your helmet) in the afternoon. Enjoy your weekend!!
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